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Gates by Geoff has the necessary expertise and proven track record in not only refurbishing gates but also repairing, and replacing.


We also do Masonry work to get that cutom gate you really want.

Gates by Geoff has teamed up with an family run masonry team that can build new concrete block walls, or columns.  They also lay concrete slabs, driveways, lay pavers and can do some stucco work.  We can provide all these services along with our gate builds to save you time and money with your next home project.

Garage Door Insulation

Gates by Geoff can also help you keep the heat or cold out, while sound deadening your garage space.  We can install an insulation layer to most garage door panels, that will help keep your more energy efficient by keeping the heat and cold outside where it belongs.  In the summer it keeps the average garage 15-25 degrees cooler, and in the winter time the garage will stay 10-20 degrees warmer than the outside temperture.


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